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RAJA EnergyTM is a Healing Path Within Us All

The meaning of RAJA is "royal" or "kingly," and refers to the ascension of the soul to self-realization and oneness with God. This path of Yoga unlocks the practitioner from the physical, astral, and causal body, away from karmic bondage and into the freedom of cosmic consciousness. This channeled RAJA Energy helps realign our lives to reach our highest aspirations.

RAJA Energy training is designed to help bring awareness to the unspoken healing presence of our energy anatomy. You will learn to be present, focused and connected to a higher energy perception.

The learning environment at Feisst Institute is calm and focused... but also relaxed, joyful and loving, offering opportunities for enhanced self-awareness and personal growth.

  • Learn to connect to the power and wonder within
  • Unlock barriers to your physical, mental, and spiritual self
  • Connect with others interested in energy healing
  • Heal disruptive energy patterns
  • Find hope and enthusiasm to conquer childhood problems and other life situations
  • Improve your life with a deeper meaning and purpose
  • Get closer to the source... God, Divine Love and Light
  • Open your energy channels and ultimately awaken your dormant potential energy
  • Get rid of negative self-talk

Physical and emotional healing come through the mind. RAJA Energy takes one to the deepest levels of the mind-body connection, guiding us out of the past, freeing us from emotional and physical limitations and negativity. Healing and finding new hope and enthusiasm from our own inner strength is the cornerstone of positive RAJA Energy. Quoting Martin Feisst, founder of Feisst Institute and RAJA Energy, "We are not the body; we are the soul itself."

Chronic pain often involves an injury that creates a pattern of "memory" that is retained within the body. Learn how to work with these energy patterns through an extensive review of the body system as a whole. RAJA Energy creates a new healing pattern to release the cellular memory, and re-patterns the energy for a higher level of functioning.

Tap into Your Own Internal and Eternal Life Force Energy

Through Feisst Institute's RAJA Energy trainings you will be enlightened to the mind-body connection and healing. The skills learned are beneficial to individuals with no prior experience or training, and at the same time will enhance skill levels of trained, holistic practicioners. Whether you wish to use the knowledge for yourself as an individual or apply it to others within your practice, going deeper within will be a source of enlightenment.

RAJA Energy Core Training offered:

Take a step toward learning more about the healing properties of RAJA Energy and discover the power of the energy which lies within each of us. RAJA Energy training sessions fill up fast... reserve your spot early.