Encinitas, California
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Levels 1, 2, 3

LEVEL 1: RAJA Energy Awareness Training

Through this loving and supportive environment, students will:

  • Study the energetic value of the chakras.
  • Use and guide universal energy without tapping into one's own energy
  • Open up the energy flow through polarity
  • Identify important points as a giver of energy to become a healer with clarity and divine perception
  • Open up the physical body to a flow in order to release blockages
  • Learn to use an energy flow protocol to give the healing experience to loved ones & friends
  • Apply protocol for the healing skills

LEVEL 2: RAJA Energy Dynamic Releasing

Learn effective methods to free up accummulations of old, burdensome energy:

  • Protocol for opening up chest/heart Chakra energy connection
  • Releasing stuck energy dynamically and effectively
  • Recognizing old energetic patterns and structures within the heart Chakra
  • The healing power of love in action
  • The communication between the Chakras... heart, throat, and lumbar Charka
  • Healing the inner child through the energetic connection
  • Establishing core energy awareness and life force
  • The 'keyboard approach' to Chakra healing, elevating the vibration of each Chakra

LEVEL 3: RAJA Evolutionary Energy Medicine

Experience the future of energy medicine, which is sensitive in its approach, bringing healing as it should be done... organically.

  • Learn about four exciting protocols working with the physical and energetic anatomy
  • Learn about the importance of correct contact, positioning, and direction of energy flow
  • Learn how to heal all major organs
  • Emotional release of energy layers of the past and present moment, so that deep holographic memories awaken and are brought into consciousness.
  • Experience the power of RAJA Energy releasing and harmonizing within body, mind, and soul


Classes are $400 if paid up to 10 days before class and $450 if paid within 10 days of the class. Cancellation Policy: full refund up to one week before class. $100 cancellation fee after that time. Repeat a class, pay only $350.

RAJA Energy training programs are three days, and are held Friday through Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm in Encinitas, California.

All classes are held in the quiet, peaceful setting. Class size is limited so students are able to get the most from each training.

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