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Encinitas, California
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For Individuals

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Increase Self-Awareness & Self-Healing with RAJA EnergyTM... No Experience Necessary

Do you consider yourself a self-aware, spiritually in touch individual, one who has made self-realization a priority and a way of life? OR, are you like many open-minded individuals with a general curiousity about personal growth, meditation, the mind-body connection, healing, holistic wellness, alternative medicines or other naturalpathic practices?

Either way, you have come to this website by following your desire or intuition to go deeper within yourself. Here you will learn about tapping into the RAJA Energy that is within you, within all of us, and may be used for many purposes and with profound, positive effects.

RAJA Energy can be found in the healing presence of one's energy anatomy. It brings about quality changes in the interactions between physical, mind, and soul complexities. Treatments areas are targeted through connections with a higher consciousness and benefit in seen and unseen ways.

Individuals who are able to tap into their own energy flow find a source of calm, peace, rejuvenation, and healing energy. Some of the benefits they experience are:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved overall health
  • Released emotional & physical trauma
  • Personal growth
  • Renewed soul connection
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Rapid relaxation
  • Enhanced well-being for pregnancy and post partum
  • Diminished symptoms of chronic ill-health

RAJA Energy Core Trainings Offered:

RAJA Energy Core Trainings are also required coursework for the RAJA Energy Certification Program. Please note: All individuals are free to sign up for any training course for pure learning and enjoyment, without becoming certified.

Take a step toward learning more about the healing properties of RAJA Energy and discover the power of the energy which lies within each of us. RAJA Energy training sessions fill up fast... reserve your spot early.