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About Feisst Institute

Feisst Institute had the seeds of its beginnings in 1993, when Martin Feisst co-founded the Holistic Wellness Center of Encinitas with his wife, Shawn. For twenty years, the practice thrived in with its focus on a number of holistic wellness and alternative medicine modalities.

Martin Feisst's talents and reputation have continued to grow and be recognized by a large following within the local and international wellness communities. His clientele continues to come from various parts of the world. Feisst has immense gratitude for his referral-based practice, the feedback and testimonials he receives, and the success which has ensued.

In 2010, Feisst Institute was officially founded as Martin realized a real and tremendous need to provide individuals with a place of renewal, empowerment, healing and growth... in a positive environment, along with the opportunity to learn about the art and science of RAJA Energy. The response to the Feisst Institute's energy medicine focus has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic since the institute was established.

From individuals with no formal training whatsoever, to highly experienced, professional holistic practicioners... the concept of RAJA Energy, and the results that have been experienced and witnessed, continue to attract the attention of the holistic community.

Raja Energy, as taught by Feisst, has its basis in energy medicine and in helping others to learn more about and experience firsthand the powerful effects of tapping into one's own internal and eternal life force energy. Feisst Institute offers a variety of options for individuals and practitioners to gain knowledge and transform their lives, as well as help others experience the effects of energy healing.

About Martin Feisst, Holistic Healer, Energy Healer and Teacher

Martin Feisst is a holistic healer, energy medicine healer, energy healer, and teacher in Encinitas, California, located in San Diego North County. Training and classes are held, for individuals and holistic practitioners to enhance their energy healing abilities. Energy healing trainings are held in Encinitas, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

For many years, Martin Feisst has practiced Raja Yoga. For the past 20 years, he has been highly regarded as a holistic professional, energy healer, and facilitator. His experience has given him deep and strong insights into bringing about quality changes within the interactions between physical, mind, and soul complexities. Treatments areas are targeted through connections with a higher consciousness and are beneficial in many seen and unseen ways.

Throughout his life, Feisst has had an intuitive nature. It has been enhanced by more than 25 years of meditation and three years living in a spiritual community as a young man. Both his mother and grandmother were holistic healers.

Martin Feisst holds the following certifications:

  • Certified Holististic Health Practitioner
  • Certified Bio-Cranial Therapist
  • Certified Alphabiotist

And, a partial list of his wealth of knowledge, experience, and training in the following areas:

  • Energy Anatomy
  • Body-Mind Energetics & Healing
  • Structural Integration / Energetic Cranial & Spinal Alignment
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Life Coaching & Spiritual Support

Feisst maintains he is still growing in his abilities and gaining new awareness of the exciting benefits to the recipient. It is his hope to share his expertise unconditionally with everyone who participates in his program offerings.

As a RAJA Energy, Holistic Healer

The applied methods of RAJA Energy, energy medicine and energy healing developed by Martin Feisst, are based upon guiding the individual into physical healing. One aspect is release of inflexible mind perceptions. During that heightened awareness, connections are made into the subtle energy field and blockages that may normally resist healing are released. This opens a place for the client's inner wisdom to now respond with healing.

During Martin Feisst's healing sessions, he has coached clients toward a higher life purpose. As a natural motivator using positive thinking, he has found that his own practice of affirmations and setting goals is helpful to others.

When original flow happens - the turning on of the healing power transmuted through his hands - he is able to direct the flow and know where to connect that flow in the best possible manner for that person receiving the session. Healing can be accelerated in this way on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, Martin says.

With 35 years of studying spiritual matters, Feisst has gained an international reputation for helping others to become more healthy, motivated, access new inspiration through love, and learn the value of discipline.

If you are interested in a one-on-one session with Martin Feisst, please contact us.

Take a step toward learning more about the healing properties of RAJA Energy by attending a RAJA Energy training. Or, join Martin Feisst and other like-minded individuals at the Feisst Institute's weekly Guided Meditation & Group Healing session. Reserve your spot early.