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‘The Royal Healing Path’

The ascension of the soul to self-realization
and oneness with The Divine

Energy healing and energy medicine are growing in popularity as an effective healing modality. We hold energy healing seminars, energy trainings/courses, and energy guided meditation and group healing sessions in Encintas, CA (San Diego North County) and in Los Angeles. Energy healing begins with the Chakras, which energy centers through which energy flows. Blocked energy leads to illness. Keeping energy flowing freely is the basis of balanced energy flows, energy healing, and energy medicine.

Welcome to RAJA EnergyTM with Feisst Institute... Energy Healing & Energy Medicine

The Feisst Institute’s mission is to build a community where health and energy healing are revealed as a personal transformation, and where the continual journey of inner healing can occur through a guided process of rediscovery and connection with the childlike qualities we are born with... which are uninjured, innocent, and whole.

Seminars, which include an introduction to energy healing, energy healing trainings, guided meditation & group energy healing sessions and individual energy healing and energy medicine sessions are offered in a place of shared inner awareness and soul intuition.


Individuals interested in self-awareness, spiritual growth and mind-body connection can benefit with RAJA Energy courses and trainings for their own personal grown. No prior experience of any kind is necessary to learn more about your body and its innate healing powers within. Group training, guided meditation, and group healing sessions are taught by San Diego healer, Martin Feisst of Feisst Institute, located in San Diego North County, Encinitas. Trainings available in Los Angeles as well.

Experience the dynamics of your own
energy anatomy.
Expand your knowledge and awareness of RAJA Energy and the energy healing presence within us all. No prior experience is necessary to begin your first energy healing training course. Learn how to free up patterns of energy and journey to a place of growth.



Holistic practitioners interested in building their skills and serving their clients with energy healing techniques acquire RAJA Energy Certification. Courses include RAJA Energy Awareness Training, RAJA Energy Dynamic Releasing, and RAJA Evolutionary Energy Medicine. Training sessions are taught by San Diego healer, Martin Feisst.

Become more effective by enhancing your healing abilities and level of clarity by learning more about the healing benefits of RAJA Energy. Expand your services and complement your work by tapping into the body's energy healing source. Your guide will be a highly regarded spiritual, energy healer in practice for decades.



RAJA Energy Certification is designed for individuals and practitioners who wish to expand their awareness and skills in energy healing, energy medicine. Certification is attained by attending the RAJA Energy Core Trainings: RAJA Energy Awareness Training, RAJA Energy Dynamic Releasing, and RAJA Evolutionary Energy Medicine, followed by Success in Business coursework. Training sessions are taught by San Diego healer, Martin Feisst in San Diego North County, Encinitas, and Los Angeles.

Participants choose to become certified in the Raja Energy certification program for personal and professional reasons. Practitioners find value in expanding the services they offer. The standard of competence in this dynamic field of energy healing is RAJA Energy Certification.


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RAJA Energy's popularity is growing as a vital and effective energy healing modality. RAJA Energy seminars, RAJA Energy trainings/courses, and RAJA Energy guided meditation and group healing sessions are now being offered in Encintas, CA and in Los Angeles.